The Physics of drying

Drying is a rather simple process:
Water evaporates and an air stream takes the vapor away, leaving you with a dry fabric.

But why does a Pestemal dry so quickly? The answer is relatively simple!
A Pestemal is made by pre-dyed yarn in looms. The yarn itself is usually made by ring spun yarn,
the old school way of producing yarn, making it more durable and more refined, with less knots.
Knots affect the air stream flow that transfers the vapor away from the fabric.
The fabric itself is made in looms giving it two, or even three layers., as opposed to non-woven fabrics.
Those layers contribute to absorb lager quantities of water. These layers play an important role in the drying process.
When the heat from the sun, or the surrounding room your are in, is applied on your Pestemal those layers work
in turning the water to vapor and allow for an air stream to be created between them that transfers the vapor away.
Since there are no knots the air finds no obstacles and easily takes the vapor out.

Once you use a Pestemal you will never do without it again!

Alternative Uses