Ever wondered where to use your Pestemal?
The uses of a Pestemal are endless... just use your imagination and you will find a solution using one!
As a general guidline we can safely say that a Pestemal is ideal for:  

      Typically in the Hammam
      Everyday in your home, at the Bath
      To accomodate your Guests
      For your Kitchen
      In your luggage when you Travel, pleasure or business
      As a Table-Chair Cover
      To keep you warm and chic as a Shawl
      Wear it as a Pareo
      Part of your Beach experience
      In the SPA
      At the Gym
      With you at your Yoga class
      At the Massage Parlor
      Part of your Outdoor Sports
      To care for your Baby
      As a Curtain in your home
      Or even as a tablecloth

Once you use a Pestemal you will never do without it again! Alternative Uses

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