A short story of how Pestemal & Towel came to be...
          Back in 2011 a friend from Italy, always stylish and extremely chic, visited Greece during her summer holiday and stayed as a guest at our place.
When we were just about to give her a towel to have a shower she said, with that amazing italian-english accent of hers, "Why would i need a towel, i have my own".
We felt somewhat offended that our guest would travel all this way and would feel the need to carry in her luggage the extra weight of towels in her bag.
          But little did we know back then. She had just a few Pestemal with her, which, at that time, we found funny as we could not understand how such a thin fabric would replace the use of a towel. As the holidays kept going, our friend would come everyday to the beach with us carrying a Pestemal with her. Needless to say that each Pestemal had the most amazing colours and would match her outfit, even at our evening stroll by the beach shore, when she was waring it as a shawl.
          The days went by and we forgot all about the Pestemal which, admittedly, had become part of our everyday outing. The last day she gave us each a pestemal, as a thank you gift and to introduce us to this versatile fabric of countless uses, the Pestemal. Why not, we took it with us at the beach and immediately fell in love!
          In the year to come, as we travelled, we bought a few pestemal as gifts for friends and family and everybody looked at us the same way as we did our Italian friend.
The result was the same, everyone would fall in love with their new Pestemal and wanted to find more... and that's how we decided to quit our day jobs and invest in this idea: Bring the Pestemal to every corner of Greece!
September 2012 was the first time we had a meeting about it, we travelled to Turkey and started knowing the people and the Pestemal.
In 2013 we attended our first Fair and people were somewhat reluctant... but we could see that everyone loved it!
In 2015 we rebranded to Pestemal & Towel and changed part of the team. Now the two siblings, Elias & Melina, run the family business. Amongst the many things we do in our day-to-day, Elias also is the creator of our exclusive designs.
Pestemal & Towel has expanded its production to Greece, Turkey and India to cover the needs of our market.
Pestemal & Towel can be found in almost every Greek island and mainland Greece, as well as in selected shops and eshops around the world.